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Smart Grid

μEMS (Micro Energy Management System)
for monitoring and controlling grids

The key product at Toshiba for Smart Grids is the μEMS with a combination of functions to control load on the grid and adjust supply and demand in cooperation with electric power suppliers. μEMS monitors the volume of demand for electricity in real time and forecasts demand so that an appropriate volume of power can be supplied from solar generators or fuel cells. The system maintains a balance between supply and demand to reduce the amount of energy consumed by effectively using renewable energy and reducing power loss.
In the future, Toshiba will be aggressively developing overall energy systems that are environmentally friendly. These systems will combine Toshiba's solar generating systems, SCiBTM rechargeable batteries, line control/connection technology, building energy management systems, and other products and systems that save energy.

μEMS functions are shown below.

(1) μSCH: Overall energy supply and demand planning (every 30 minutes, 24 hours per day)

Managing heat and electricity (forecasting PV output, supply, demand, and other things).

(2) μELD: Control and distribution of financial burden (every minute for 30 minutes)

Controlling batteries and forecasting controls.

(3) μLFC: Controlling load frequency in real time (every second)

Controlling batteries.

(4) μDAS: Monitoring control equipment that combines power supply and distribution technology

Providing highly reliable fault recovery and optimizing power distribution.

Products List

  • μEMS (Micro Energy Management System) for monitoring and controlling grids
  • Smart Meter
  • In Home Displays
  • MDMS (Meter Data Management System)
  • SCiBTM (new rechargeable battery)
  • BEMS (Building and Energy Management System)
  • Solar power generation systems
  • Ene-farm (fuel cells: cogenerators)
  • LED Lighting

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