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Power Transformer


Toshiba pioneered in development of transformers in Japan, introducing the first commercially successful unit in 1894.
To satisfy the ever-increasing electricity demand, transmission voltages and capacity are continuously increasing with Toshiba at the forefront of producing transformers to meet these requirements ever since the early stages. In fact, Toshiba broke the previous Japanese high-voltage-capacity record with the development and commercialization of an 800kV transformer.

TOSHIBA had also developed other products in the field of power transformer engineering, such as Advanced Site Assembly (ASA) transformers, which were developed to meet requirements for transportation limitation or environmental conformity, and gas-insulated transformers, which are compact, environmentally friendly and non-flammable. At TOSHIBA, we pride ourselves with our innovation. Through our determination for leading innovation TOSHIBA is acknowledged as one of the world technology leaders.

First transformer
First transformer
Japan's first 765kV 268.5MVA transformer
Japan's first 765kV
268.5MVA transformer


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