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Overseas SCADA(TOSCAN-G100)

In the field of power systems, Toshiba's advanced capabilities cover system monitoring, power transmission and distribution, and generating equipment, systems, and services in nuclear, thermal, and hydroelectric power generation.

Toshiba's popular TOSCAN-G 100 is a network control system utilizing high-performance computers to provide stable and efficient power system operation.

By operating your power systems efficiently, the TOSCAN-G100 handles power demands smoothly and saves you money. Efficient operation reduces the possibility of outages and helps to prevent damage to equipment. The TOSCAN-G100 is an intelligent system that reduces human error and improves performance.

Our TOSCAN-G100 systems provide supervisory control and data acquisition(SCADA), so you can monitor, record, control, and issue alarms to help you run your system. The TOSCAN-Gl100 is easy to maintain and can be customized to fit your needs.


Toshiba has supplied over 400 EMS/SCADA/DAS systems to domestic and overseas customers and has experience in energy management since 1965. Toshiba's SCADA system (TOSCAN-G100) provides intelligent SCADA functions that support system operator, in addition to the standard SCADA functions (monitoring and remote control). The TOSCAN-G100 sharply decreases human errors and improves the operation of electrical power systems.

One-line deagrams

A one-line diagram shows the analog values and field device statuses. Analog values change periodically to reflect actual values and change color when the values deviate from their limits. The shape and color of field device symbols also change to reflect the field device status.
A status summary, including errors occurring at substations, can also be displayed.

One-line deagrams

Alarm Display

Users can specify any status change as an alarm. Alarms can also be configured to send notification when analog values deviate from specified limits. When an alarm occurs on the TOSCAN-G100, a buzzer sounds and buttons blink on the display. Mail is also sent to a specified address and the alarm is listed to the "Alarm Summary" and "Alarm History" logs.

Alarm Display

Data logs

Analog data be logged periodically and shown as daily, monthly, or yearly reports. Reports show maximum, minimum, and average values for each set of logged data and can be output as HTML or to Excel. Reports can also be viewed on-screen.

Data logs

Web-based client

Our web-based client software utilizes Microsoft Internet Explorer which allows you to easily add clients and provides for secure access over the Internet.

User authentication

Security on this system is two-fold to help keep your system safe. First, administrators define operator roles and assign each specific functions to limit system access. Then, operators are authenticated with security tokens and/or biometrics.

Database maintenance

The TOSCAN-G100 utilizes Microsoft Access, allowing you to generate and maintain l/O databases. This means that you can configure your own limit values, scale factors, acquisition periods, data source names, and other elements to describe the properties of your system. The TOSCAN-G100 also includes its own drawing tool for generating and maintaining one-line diagrams. This gives you the flexibility to draw one-line diagrams on which you can feely arrange field device symbols, analog values, lines(transmission lines and buses), and the other indications.
I/O databases generated by Microsoft Access are linked to device symbols on one-line diagrams to indicate the actual field device statuses and the actual analog values.

Database maintenance

Analog trend graphs

You can view trend graphs that show the fluctuations in data as it is monitored in real time. This is a useful tool for managing energy systems on a continuous basis. Historical trend graphs, that illustrate how energy was used in the past, are valuable for evaluating performance and long term policy planning.
The statistics in the database can be mined for information that can positively effect your operations. The data display is flexible allowing a wide range of configurations to let you compare data in many useful formats.


The user interface including buttons, error messages, and user's guides can be translated to your language to suit your operating staff.


Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Access are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

The TOSCAN-G100 consists of RTUs connected via a network to SCADA servers, operator and maintenance clients, and web-based clients. The SCADA servers collect data from all field devices via the RTUs. The operator and maintenance clients operate electrical power systems and maintain the configuration of the whole system database. Operators can monitor and control the statuses of the field devices using a browser on any client.

System Configuration

Equipped with full SCADA functionality

Data acquisition
  • Data scanning
  • SOE file transfer
Data processing
  • Status point monitoring
    • Status change checking
    • Alarm processing
Analog Point monitoring
  • Engineering unit conversion
  • Limit checking
  • Alarm processing
Accumulator data point processing
Calculated data points processing
  • Pre-defined and user-defined calculation
  • Integration calculation
  • Two state control
  • Three state control
  • Set-point control
  • Transformer control
  • Manual entry
  • Tagging
  • Alarm history
  • Trend history
  • Reporting
  • Periodic printing of reports
  • Report layout
  • Audit trail
  • Disturbance analysis
  • Data calculation
  • Sophisticated and user-friendly screens
  • Latest Microsoft Windows-like operation
  • User help
  • Browser access
  • Printing
Database maintenance
  • Drawing tool
  • Data input
  • Data binding
  • Data delivery
Configuration management
  • Processor redundancy & failure management
  • Process monitoring
  • LAN redundancy
  • Monitoring of system networks

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